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October 31st, 2008 at 07:47 am

The bills are paid for this week. Yesterday we had to shuffle a little bit of money from savings into a "fix the toilets" this weekend fund. I totally forgot to include that in our written budget. Ooops. We still were able to throw some extra money towards our Suburban payment thanks to a refunded escrow check that arrived in the mail. The Suburban is our current debt snowball now and it is at $3496.26. We are knocking it out! Smile

Spent on Paper... Before the Check...10/31/08

October 30th, 2008 at 08:14 am

150 6 Month Emergency Fund

61 1000 Baby Emergency Fund

125 Food/Household

50 Slush fund

10 Hubby Food

9 Kids Art Classes

12 Truck payment (current debt snowball)

50 American Express CC

50 Bank of America CC

75 Water

80 Home Phone & Internet

100 Electric

150 Natural Gas

125 Cell

25 Hubby Blow $ for November

25 Wife Blow $ for November

40 Kids Allowance for November

50 Thrift Stores for November

20 Tools Fund

Groceries & Household 10/29/08

October 29th, 2008 at 10:17 am

Our weekly grocery/household items budget is $125.00 This is what we picked up today for this.

4 pounds butternut squash
1 pound tomatoes
bread crumbs
chopped walnuts
ground cloves
1 box instant vanilla pudding
1 bottle of bbq sauce
4 cans of large black olives
2 gallons of skim milk
2 large avacados
10 pounds of satsumas
12 rolls of toilet paper
2 pounds shredded cheddar cheese
2 dozen eggs
1 package of chopped dates
1 large package of raisins
2 containers of Dryers ice creme
2 packages of Hormel pepperoni
2 pounds red grapes
3 large packages of chicken breast
2 pounds of shrimp
2 huge racks of spareribs

I have $5.00 and some change left that I will leave in the truck for the week in case we need anything while out driving or a quick treat.

Getting back in the game...again!

October 29th, 2008 at 10:12 am

We fell off the envelope wagon over the last few months. In August we welcomed our 6th child to our family- which meant a lot of precooked meals and processed foods blew the budget. THEN we had to refinance before December 1st to avoid our nice ARM adjusting, so it was massive home renovation time so our appraisal would come back high. Literally all our savings was used up and credit cards were maxed out to acomplish getting all of our jobs done. We went from a 10.25% rate that was adjusting to 10.5% to a 5.87% 30 year fixed which I am very happy about. BUT I'm not too happy about our financial status now- so I am going back on the Dave Ramsey envelope system and am going to aggresively be paying down debt and sticking to our written on paper before the check comes budget. I DO love squeezing the pennies- but I also admit- I did enjoy the little reign of "freedom" we had the last few months too. It's hard to juggle and find the nice median. Having this blog to write in about our success and sometimes not so successfulness is an encouragement for me- so I am back!